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A Boy and His Voice

Help Me to Help Others

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Please click on the pic for a bigger view.

My company, W3-O Design Lab, together with The Humanity Forum, is working hand-in-hand to help Living the Gospel Community (Cebu Island, Phillippines) during our company trip there.

We are raising funds to help 305 kids with ages ranging from 9-18 years old to live a better life. These children come from poor families whose parents are working as fishermen, construction workers, labourers, and carpenters - and they don't have the means to provide for their children, that's why they're at Living the Gospel Community.

We (W3-O Design Lab and The Humanity Forum) will be baking cookies (yes, me included) in order to raise funds to buy books, school supplies, clothes, shoes, etc. for these children.

Each jar of cookies will be priced at $15/jar, and for each jar of cookies sold, we'll only be able to purchase one side of shoe for one child.

If you intend to order cookies from me, please do not hesitate to contact me at fuzk.is@gmail.com with the subject, "Colour their Lives". Please give me at least 3 days to one week in advance to prepare for your orders.

ALL proceeds will go toward helping these children. Donations of any amount and any kind are also most welcomed.

On behalf of the children, I thank you in advance. =)

PS. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any confirmation.
posted by fuzk, 2:38 pm


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