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A Boy and His Voice

When Love and Hate Collide

Monday, March 03, 2008

Have you ever had the feeling that when someone you love does something really stupid you don't know whether you want to laugh or cry, love or hate that person? I'm feeling like that now. No, I don't have someone I really love cheating behind my back (although that has happened to be before) just in case anyone is wondering, I'm just talking about the recent M1 ads.

It just baffles me how TBWA/Tequila (I THINK they did the ad) can come up with one absolutely brilliant, iconic ad and another brainless, totally retarded ad.

For the benefit of those who hasn't seen the ads, this is the one I love:

This is the one that is so stupid, I switch channels every time it comes on:

The 1st one is brilliantly funny without being insensitive, people will always remember it. Just ask ANYONE who has seen that ad and I'm sure they can recite the part where he said, "Singapore? Mumbai dey.. India!" The 2nd one? I don't know. It's not funny. It's TRYING VERY hard to be funny. In fact, it's trying so hard it's painful to watch. Squirrels? It's not even remotely funny. I HATE IT.

Now you know why I'm feeling confused. Like I'm hanging on a cliff with one arm and my ass is itching like mad. Should I scratch my ass and plunge to my death or not...

I think I know the answer already but tell me anyway. Which one do you like?
posted by fuzk, 11:36 am


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