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A Boy and His Voice

Guess who's back

Friday, February 22, 2008

About damn time... that was my first post after exactly.. 8 months.

What a long time to be away. Was it deliberate? No. Well, I sort of forgot about it... and I didn't know it would be soooo long. I didn't know like I didn't know for the past 27 years, I had flat foot. Yup. After 27 years, I found out I had flat foot. After 8 months, I blogged. You see the link? No? You're dumb. =P

Is it good to be back? I don't know. I guess. I can start ranting... again. It's going to be a little different. Instead of just talking (I prefer to use talking than blogging, talking makes me feel like I have friends and I have people reading this blog) about advertising, I'm going to talk about whatever I like. I think it'll be mostly food... because I like to eat. It might be about my new hobbies, my new toy, my exercise regime! Yes. Exercise. Something I might do more often if I want to live a bit longer... or at least to stop myself from puking after looking at my own reflection.

If anyone is keeping count, yes, I did say on my FIRST ever blog post that I would not talk about mundane stuff or stuff about myself. Guess what? I LIED! Yes. I still owe some people something... I haven't forgotten about that. I don't forget everything, just some things. Like I remember I'm supposed to go shower and eat. If you've gotten so far, good for you... and for the record, I'm back.

For now, Au Revoir, ta, bye. =)
posted by fuzk, 3:55 pm


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