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A Boy and His Voice

Osim has done it again.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ever since Apple Inc. came up with the iPod, a lot of companies have tried to copy their style of naming their products - namely adding the "i" in front. I'm not sure whether it sells their products, but personally, it just tells me that you are lazy, and not very creative.

One of these companies is Osim. We have the very (in)famous iGallop, and their even more.. attention-grabing ads. Now, we have something that is going to be just as.. wrong. Osim now has iPoke in their collection. Yes. iPoke. No no, nothing naughty, just a foot and calf massager. (Look at product HERE) For the life of me, I have no idea why they would want to name a product like that.

Oh and erm.. I think Osim didn't think of it when they name they latest product.. but, it actually sounds like someone's scolding you. Yeah.. the product in question is uPapa. What's wrong you say? Well, say it like a Singaporean.. yeah.. YOUR FATHER AH! Brilliant marketing people, not so brilliant this time. In case you want to take a look at how the product looks like, click HERE.

May I just add that I have NOTHING against Osim? Okay.. maybe only towards their not very creative way of naming their products and their not so creative ads. I'm just wondering.. if the uPapa targeted towards dads start selling like hot cakes, would they come up with something for mums and call it uMama? Heh.
posted by fuzk, 5:49 pm


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