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A Boy and His Voice


Thursday, November 16, 2006

I read on Marketing Magazine's website that Packard Bell is coming back to Singapore. The GM of Hybrid Digital (the distributor for Packard Bell in Singapore), Ong Chee Lip, has big plans for Packard Bell. He wants to start off with a branding exercise (which is always good) and he wants to position Packard Bell as "a class of its own, being totally different from all the other IT players." Wow. Sounds great right? Wait wait wait.. hold on to your knickers. This is where it starts to stink of a familiar scent..

Let's look at what's being said,
“We intend to compete in the PC market by offering a full range of products that possess ease of use (functionality), therefore meeting the basic general requirements of the public, combined with the aesthetics characteristic of European, and particularly French branding.”
Er.. what do you mean by "aesthetics characterisc of European, and particularly French branding?" An European style, French flavoured product that's made for Singapore market? Are we still talking about computers here?

Guess what? It gets better.

Let's take a look at another excerpt from the article:
In line with the brand’s aim of being perceived as having a trendy outlook and unique design, Ong said Packard Bell products will be positioned in the middle to high-end range of IT products, with a range that also caters to the needs of budget-conscious consumers.
If you thought that they were only going be positioned in the middle to high-end range, but got blind-sided by that last sentence, you're not alone. Erm.. target everyone just say target everyone la!

I could smell the bull from a mile away man. Whatever is the case, it's interesting to see another PC player coming in. Let's wait and see what their branding campaign will be like. Till then, I'm off to get me some fresh air.

You can read the whole article over HERE.
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