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A Boy and His Voice

Snippety Snip

Monday, September 04, 2006

Oh my. 3 months of inactivity. Who cares?! I'm not a blogger, I'm just someone with a blog. I update as and when I like. Heh.
Oh well, in 3 months, a lot has happened.. let me TRY and recall.
  • I finished my reservist.
  • I got into AWARD School.
  • I got myself a temp job.

Reservist was quite alright. I'm quite impressed by my CO and OC who showed compassion in allowing me time-off to prepare for AWARD School. AWARD School is quite cool. I'm learning a lot. I just want to be like Sponge Bob Funky Pants. Heh. =P The temp job is alright. Brings in the dough.. so yeah.

Ok lah, doesn't seem like a lot, but it is! All major events at least. Now, let's see what didn't happen..

  • I am still quite.. erm.. curvy (even though this isn't exactly the right word).
  • I am still single.
  • I still need a full time advertising job as a junior copywriter.

So if anyone is looking for a partner (only sexy, intelligent, non-psychotic woman need apply), let me know. I know I'm not the best looking person around, but I have standards. Ok la.. at least cannot be stupid. Anyone knows of anyone looking for a junior writer, let me know too.

In the words of Michael Jackson, I Love You All!

posted by fuzk, 4:58 pm


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