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A Boy and His Voice

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Friday, September 08, 2006

It's a good thing right? When your advertising gets into the news and is the most talked about in town? Well, not really. It seems that ads in Singapore has been getting in the limelight... but let's just say not for the best reasons.

Will provide links and pictures soon enough. Hang on to your panties.. or not..


I'm sure everyone saw the "I swallow" ad.. If you ask me, I just think it's pure bad taste. Anyhow, it did enough to be featured in Adrants. Here's the LINK.

Oh, and to everyone else who thinks that if the ad's sole purpose is to get noticed, and that's what it did, hence it's a good ad; I disagree. Personally, I don't think it's good enough to measure the ad by such a one-dimentional yardstick. Sure it got noticed, but was it perceived positively or negatively? Did you manage to convince or just gross everyone out?

There's another ad that I'm sure a lot of people remembered.. the iGallop ad. Guess what? It got featured on Adrants too! Oh, and apparently, the Ix Shen and Jaclyn Tay version wasn't a follow-up to the pseudo-sexy ad, it was a replacement. Go read the comments section HERE.
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