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A Boy and His Voice

First Shots

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I remember mentioning that I had 3 new girls in the family, well... I forgot to mention one more.

Meet Holly. =)

It's a little toy camera that produces the most amazing and unpredictable effects on your photos sans processing.

Wanna know more? Read here. =)

Below are some of my first shots with a normal Fujifilm Negative, and processed normally.

Sunrise on a plane:

Sunrise on a plane
I captured this when I was on the plane to Bangkok. No post-processing whatsoever.


Leaves 2
The little blurry effect you see at the sides aren't photoshopped. It was like that when I got it.

Double Vision:

Double Vision
Double exposure is lots of fun. What do you see?


East Coast Beach
No. I didn't take my dad's photo and posted it up here. I took this recently!

I'm having fun with the Holga right now and I realised that taking pictures has allowed me to see things in different ways.

I am well and truly bitten by the shutterbug... and I'm loving it! =D

posted by fuzk, 4:18 pm


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