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A Boy and His Voice

Welcome to the family

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've got 3 new girls added to the family recently. I'm really happy. =)

Meet the eldest, Vivien. She was a little hard to manage when she first arrived but now, she's very patient and listens to me all the time.

The middle child, Macie B. She's a bit spunky and doesn't mind the attention people heap on her. Very intelligent and picks things up really fast.

And the most recent edition, Euterpe. I'm still at the stage of finding out how she'll be like. Already at a tender age, she displays great musical talent. Enjoys all types of music and doesn't mind sharing her passion of music with others. I suspect she will be a musical diva. Oh and yes... Euterpe is a her.

Welcome to the family girls. I will love each and everyone of you equally. *hugs*
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