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A Boy and His Voice

A Photo A Day

Thursday, June 12, 2008

As you guys might have guessed, I have been bitten by the shutterbug lately.

Why the Holga? You might ask. Why not a digicam?

Well, I love the trippy and crazy colours of the Holga and I thought heck, it might even improve my visual sense. A digicam doesn't have that element of surprise. It's too clean... too predictable... definitely not enough to get me hooked.

I know a lot of us take photos for fun and to document your lives... very much like why some of us blog. But would you take a picture everyday for 18 years of your lives?

I just read of someone who did and unfortunately, it didn't have a happy ending.

To me, it is a powerful story of how one stays dedicated to what he does and an insight into his life.

R.I.P Jamie Livingston.
posted by fuzk, 12:51 am


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