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A Boy and His Voice

Challenging the traditional media.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In my last entry, I mentioned something about advertainment, and how advertising will not be the same again. I also mentioned that TV advertising will not be the main advertising media, as well as the book "Life After the 30-sec Spot". Here's a chance to prove just that.
Joseph Jaffe has thrown down the gauntlet. He will issue a free copy of the book to any business/marketing/advertising-related blogger that reviews his book. [Read all about it here.] I'm not sure whether my blog qualifies, but I've emailed Joseph about my (possible) participation already. I believe that "new media" such as blogs, video iPod, etc. has enormous potential; and I want to be part of it when it works.
I first heard about this interesting piece of news from adverblog. Like Martina Zavagno (of adverblog), the whole purpose of this blog is to share ideas, so if you're interested, drop by Jaffe Juice, review his book (for free, or not); and let's cook up a storm!
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