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A Boy and His Voice

Pervies beware!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A group of girls in Singapore has decided to take it upon themselves to unmask the pervies on the iRC (internet relay chat).
By pervies, I mean guys who think they can hide behind the screen and solicit for sex from underaged girls. These guys should be hung by their balls and get roasted alive. Before that can happen, take a look at the blog which is called: Male Private Parts XXXposed.
The blog consists of the chat logs and even pictures of these pervies. The blog aims to educate, and like what they say, if you are offended, you are on the right track.
It's a dangerous job educating our youths today. Be careful girls!
In very much the same essence, Perverted-Justice is a website set on exposing pervies as well, except in the USA.
Some things can't be forgiven, like talking loudly on the mobile on public transport and forgetting to switch your mobile to silent mode in the cinemas.. this is one of them, except a hundred thousand times worse. Do the young girls in our society a favour, spread the word.. and keep them safe.
posted by fuzk, 1:17 am


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