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A Boy and His Voice

It's (Inter)national tell-a-friend-about-blogs week!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

According to Seth Godin, it's supposed to be national tell-a-friend-about-blogs week.
I might be a little slow (he posted on May 05), and since I'm not staying where he's at.. I added the "Inter" in front. Anyways, who cares.. let's all just join in the fun. =) What I'm supposed to do, is to tell a friend (actually 10 friends) about blogs in general, about RSS, and about my favourite blogs.. so.. here goes:
Blogs are also known as weblogs yada yada yada (check it up on yourdictionary.com), I am STILL trying to fully comprehend RSS (any help is appreciated =)) and last, but not least, my favourite blogs.
If you guys reading haven't realised, I have a bunch of links on the right that I read. Just to clear the air a bit, I DO read my friend's blog even though it is not under the "Blogs I Read" category. It's just that, I don't know them personally.. However, I still have no idea who Mr. Vavoom is.. I happen to chance upon his blog, left a comment and as they say, the rest is history. I think he's a scientist, he's funny, smart and married (I think.. again). That much I think I know, and yes, his blog is one of my favourite blogs. =) In fact, the bunch of links on the right are ALL my favourite blogs.
So, go ahead, spread the word. Tell your friends, ask your friends to tell more friends. Isn't blogging all about sharing? =)
PS. Mr. Vavoom, an email perhaps? I can't seem to find yours on your profile.
PSS. To whoever is reading this, I'm gonna graduate soon and if you're got a job to offer (preferably something along the lines of copy writer or junior creative director, etc.), you know what to do eh? heh =) My email is on my profile.. methinks.
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