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A Boy and His Voice


Thursday, April 07, 2005

wow.. when Paul Williams of Brand Autopsy "loves your thought", you know you're thinking right. I guess that proves my point of learning. We all could only benefit from the open sharing of thoughts and ideas. =)

Read all about the Idea Sandbox

Read all about the progress and comments
posted by fuzk, 2:45 pm


Check out Larry Lessig, when you get the chance. www.lessig.org

He's all about sharing information, specifically on the technology front. He's also got a great blog.
commented by Blogger Vavoom, 9:53 am  
Will definitely do that.. in fact.. i'm checking it out now even as i'm replying you! =)

Thanks for the great link!
commented by Blogger fuzk, 3:49 pm  
commented by Blogger Secret Chicken, 4:19 pm  
haha.. well.. I have to thank you nontheless.. miss secret chicken.. for dropping by.. and actually reading the stuff here and finding it boring. oh yes.. and taking the effort to tell me its boring too. =)

commented by Blogger fuzk, 9:09 pm  

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