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A Boy and His Voice

About this blog

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It took a while, but yes.. I am finally blogging. I've always felt that what is personal to me should remain personal, and I still think so. Therefore, this blog will not be so much about me, but more on what I'm interested in, and that is the happenings in the marketing/advertising world. I'll try and update as much I can, and when I feel like it, and of course; I'll add in my 2 cents worth. Well.. it IS my blog, so once in a while, I'll talk about myself. Sometimes, I'll even throw in my friends' wierd takes on marketing theories or advertising logics (which somehow always seem to make sense). Heck, I'll even post photographs.. once I figure all this stuff out. I am NOT an expert and I don't proclaim to be one. I'm just here to share, so that we may all learn. Do not hestitate to give me your comments, tell me I am wrong for I am not perfect. Tell me your point of view, so that I may see what you see. Take this blog as a portal for exchanging pointers and ideas so that we may all benefit. I am but an empty bottle.. fill me up people! =)
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