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A Boy and His Voice

As my apprentice, you're never fired. -God

Thursday, March 31, 2005

This piece of news actually is about 2 weeks old, but I was still exploring blogger then. Anyways, here it is. Agape Press reported on March 17, 2005 that a "massive billboard campaign featuring several 'messages from God' will soon be unveiled all across America." They even have a new website for this campaign.. but the last I checked, it's not ready yet. It's really interesting to see what they have come up with to "attract" people back to God. Whatever happened to the good ol' "Come to God and be saved!". Do we all think we're sin-less now? Or is it because everyone is so numb because everybody else is sinning anyways.. and it makes it less.. sinful? Wouldn't it be interesting to see if any other corporate giants would play on the theme of God. I can already think of a few.. Just Do It. -God (Nike) heh. It gets the message across right? Or how about.. Heaven Inside. -God (Intel) Or how about.. Buying a house for your parents, $100,000.. Going on a holiday in Spain, $3000.. Dying in a plane crash and going to Heaven, priceless. (Mastercard). There are SO many possiblities. Will it work in Singapore? Maybe. Sure it'll get the awareness and the hype and all the other stuff.. but will it actually get people to start going to church? Now.. that's an interesting thought. Before you think I am going to preach, think again. From a purely advertising point of view, what use is an ad if it cannot sell? I believe that advertising at its raw-est form is about selling. What use is an advert if it cannot sell? Sure people know about you, people talk about you.. heck, people even dream about you. What's the point if they don't buy from you? Maybe if the people of the DeMoss Group Inc. (people responsible for the new campaign) focus more on getting people back to church and spreading the REAL word of God than trying to make a name for themselves, they might actually have a higher chance of getting people to focus on the God of the Bibile (as they claim) AND achieving the objective of advertising.
posted by fuzk, 2:48 pm


there was a series in singapore by a group of advertising people who are Christians. it's the black postcards with white arial fonts ending with "- God".

that one was quite effective in generating interest. and it did give people something to think about...
commented by Blogger michelle, 1:15 am  
You raise several good points. Yes, perhaps we have been numbed by all of the "sinful" activity around us. Check out White Noise by Don Delillo. A great fiction book about advertising in America.
commented by Blogger Vavoom, 5:26 pm  
Mich: Yes I know.. definitely it generated interest. I'm saying that the campaign is probably only good for that. Generating interest, and then after that what? People forget and go back to their daily lives. Advertising is not good enough like that. It has to make them do something, like go back to church or pick up the bible. The last A in the AIDA model.

Vavoom: Perhaps we have indeed. 2 wrongs don't make a right.. but I guess if everyone is doing things wrongly then naturally it seems right.
Thank you for the recommendation. Will be sure to check it out! =)
commented by Blogger fuzk, 6:10 pm  
Actually, I think it is great that these billboards are getting people thinking about God. It is a first step not an only step.

Funny you should say that the DeMoss Group should spend more time getting people to the actual Word of God... When I searched for them, I was impressed by the number of great ministries they represent with a history of serious Christian work.
commented by Anonymous lilymacliam, 4:58 am  

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