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A Boy and His Voice

Totally Unrelated News

Monday, April 18, 2005

In Totally Unrelated News today:
My alma mater.. Saint Andrew's Secondary School beat ACS (I) in the Rugby U-17 Finals on 14th April to be the 'B' Division Champions! That's 2 years in a row. Good job Jonathan Leow! =)
In more unrelated news.. my best friend Sam, is picking up photography.. and I have promised to showcase some of his photographs here, in my blog. So, stay tuned.
Finally, I will be having my mid-term exams pretty soon.. therefore I will probably take a hiatus in posting anything new that requires me to use my brain cells.. and yes.. I AM a lazy prick.. it's already difficult to find time to study when I am at home doing absolutely nothing, finding time to add new entries would be too time-consuming. I need to concentrate on studying first.. heh. ok ok.. after exams.. maybe I'll ask someone else to guest blog.. maybe.. of course, I'm assuming whoever is reading this actually wants updates.. you all do love me right? Gimme some love.. no?
That's all for Totally Unrelated News. Thanks for watching.. er.. reading.
Hugs and Kisses
Jyh Yeong
posted by fuzk, 5:27 pm


Good luck on your exams!
commented by Blogger Vavoom, 2:15 pm  
oei yongie...fishie boy here.
I link u hor.

And we must meet for lunch!

My office is just oppo your school.

commented by Blogger Wei X, 3:39 pm  
vavoom: thank you! i'll try my best! =)

wei x: orh.. link link.. is it? if you number still hasn't changed, then i'll you one of these days. =)
commented by Blogger fuzk, 5:01 pm  

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