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A Boy and His Voice

A lady speaks..

Monday, September 12, 2005

And yes.. we have a comment from juzagirl, regarding the Dove ads.
About bloody time really, it's tough pretending to be a girl and trying to know what they think. Anyhow, here's what she said,
"I guess its refreshing to see advertisers using real woman. We (women in general) are tired of seeing the so called perfect woman.... ads n many other forms of media had a big part to play in building this image that to be perfect or beautiful, u have to look a certain way.."

There you have it, how a woman feels. I guess we, pervy men has to do with influencing the media as well.. but hey, when we love our woman, we love our woman.. even though they might not look like what's showing on tv. Well, I least I speak for myself. Having said that, bidding opens.. now. I could really use some cash.


Juzagirl goes on to say:

"I also dun see as dove being the brand for fat pple.. (and) that there were models that Dove hired that are slim, but curvy at the right places.... basically people that are nothing like those stereotypically stick like creatures whose faces n bodies are splashed continuously across the media"

You heard it first, the lady (hopefully more will comment) feels that Dove is doing the right thing.

posted by fuzk, 10:51 pm


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