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A Boy and His Voice

Dove I look fat?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Dove ads are everywhere, so I thought I might as well write something about it. But.. guess what? Someone else already did! Seth Stevenson from Slate wrote an interesting piece on it. Read about it HERE.
There is something that I might disagree though. Seth pointed out that in the long run, the campaign might hurt Dove if becomes known as the brand for fat girls.
In my opinion, I think Seth might have missed the whole point here. Of course there is the risk that the novelty of showing "real" women with "real curves" could wear off and people remember them as the brand for fat girls, but I think what Dove wants to achieve.. might just be that. No no, not literally the brand for fat girls.. but the brand for REAL girls. Real.. living, breathing, eating, working (some people argue that walking on runways is real work... let's not go there..), etc. Girls like you and I.. erm.. I meant like you and all my other female friends. Girls who are beautiful in their own way and have their little own insecurities.
Let's just take a moment. How many percentage of women in the world look like the one you've just seen in the glossy magazine. Now, how many percentage of women in the world doesn't. Now.. imagine if all these.. "normal" women are your friends, and you open a shop.. and each of them were to buy just one product.. scary.
Having said that, it's still too early to tell what Dove's next move is. If they decide to make friends.. and judging from all the positive response Dove's current campaign is generating.. I'd say good luck to the competition.
Now, what do you all think? Bad, for overall long term strategy.. or a really brilliant move?
posted by fuzk, 2:30 pm


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