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A Boy and His Voice

I'm sorry...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I'm sorry.. I truly am.. for not updating my blog for over a month.

You see, I have a perfect reason for this, I was busy. No no, really. I was already busy with exams from my last post, and immediately after that, I was out of the country for about 3 weeks, with no internet connection.

After my return, I only had one week to prepare for my reservist, i.e. ICT (ICT = In-camp-training: a "disease" that plagues most, if not all Singaporean men where they have to go back to their assigned army camp for training for a specified amount of time admist their busy work/schooling schedule). After that, ICT for a week.

Finally, I've had a chance to breathe, and to apologise for my absence.. and to everyone who misses me (which I seriously doubt).

I'm back, and I'll start.. erm.. try and post more regularly.

posted by fuzk, 1:29 pm


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