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A Boy and His Voice


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This piece of news just came in.

Mr. Harry Tan has passed away. Rest in peace Mr. Harry Tan. I'll not forget how you let us watch the repeated telecast of the World Cup Finals in the morning, and how you asked a parent to cane his own child harder. Most importantly, even though you never taught me and I never spoke to you (extensively) before, I'll not forget your fierce dedication to the school.

Once a Saint, Always a Saint. You will always be remembered.

Details of the wake:
Mount Vernon Parlor 1 from 06 Aug 2008.
Update: The wake will end on Saturday 09 Aug 2008.

Note: for those going tonight (06 Aug 2008), please go after 8pm.
posted by fuzk, 4:45 pm


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