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A Boy and His Voice

And the Oscar goes to...

Monday, March 06, 2006

..the television networks!

They (or the network that is broadcasting the Oscars)are truly the winners. Why? You ask. The answer is really simple. To advertise on the Oscars, one second of air-time will costs advertisers SGD$100,000. Yup. It's one hundred thousand buckaroos PER second. Let's do a little math for a typical 30-sec spot:

SGD100,000 X 30 = SGD$3,000,000

That's freaking $3,000,000 bucks for ONE 30 sec spot! Oh, and there's the loading for the 1st advert or the last advert, etc. Not to forget, I don't think anyone is going to just advertise just once. I wonder how much it's going to cost to advertise on the Oscars. Let's do a little more math here:

  • The show is probably about 4 hours
  • Assuming there will be at least 4 ad breaks in one hour, and there will be at least one spot on each ad break: 4 X 4 = 16 spots.

Total Expenditure = SGD$3,000,000 X 16 = $48,000,000

Holy Crap. $48,000,000!!! You know what you can buy with that shitload of money?! That's precisely the reason why Joseph has come out with book proclaiming that TV advertising is dead. How much returns can you get after spending $16 million bucks? That's the million dollar (pardon the pun) question isn't it? Well, I'll be back with the book review, Life after the 30-Second Spot: Energise Your Brand with Bold Alternatives to Traditional Advertising, by next week or so.. keep a look out for that.

So, tell me again who the winners are again? And oh, is advertising on television really such a good idea?
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