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A Boy and His Voice

Bad Beer Ads.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's the holiday season, and it's time for beer.. and bad beer ads.

I'm sure most of you guys have seen the Carlsberg ad on TV. The one with Adrian Pang and Allan Wu? One word comes to mind. BAD. Seriously, it is! Sometimes, it's better not to try so hard. Not only does it look/sound lame, it actually looks like it's been shot on a camera phone. You are freaking Carlsberg, I'm sure you can spend some money on production rather than paying for extras acting as friends of Adrian Pang. Damnit, fire your agency I say!

Since we're on the topic of beer ads, has anyone seen the one with Jessica Alba saying, "You've got the best beer Singapore." Surrrrre.. I'll believe you, if you can be bothered to look convinced. I'll have a beer with you anytime, just not Tiger.

Actually, I'm quite surprised that both Carlsberg and Tiger are coming up with crappy.. "celebratory" ads. I'm guessing Carlsberg probably had theirs done locally and Tiger just got lazy. Sure Jessica Alba is yummy, but asking her to endorse your beer.. hm.. questionable. I thought their previous campaign had a little more idea in them. Ah well, let's hope we see better ads from them soon.

Enjoy your beers everyone, just don't drink and drive. =)
posted by fuzk, 4:51 am


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