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A Boy and His Voice

Can Shocking Ads Stop Smoking?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I got this video from msn, and I quote Matt Lauer from Today; in the video,
The images you are about to see are shocking, some may even say grotesque..
Interestingly, it was mentioned in the video that the ads worked. Even more interestingly, these same ads were shown in Singapore before.

Personally, I don't think the ads worked as much as it did in the US. Why? That's because I THINK we're more aware of the harmful effects of smoking. I'm not saying kids in the US are ignorant (okay.. now I'm saying it.. but guess who are those that thinks Singapore is part of China?), I'm just saying maybe we're more.. sanitized to the idea of gross images; because we see them on cigarette packets itself. Smokers definitely aren't affected as much as non-smokers, because they see it on the packets all the time, so when they see the ad on tv; they automatically switch off (their mind).

For the benefit of those not being able to view the video due to whatever reasons, the series of ads are the one that show a brain being cut open; the arteries being blocked, etc. I'm not sure if the ads worked while they were being shown here. I'll try and get some info and let you guys know whether the ads worked here. Well, if you guys have any info, let me know.

In the mean time, what do you guys think? Can shocking ads stop smoking?

posted by fuzk, 4:17 pm


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