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A Boy and His Voice

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Camera: LC-A+
Film: Fuji 100 (CN22)
Process: Normal

Out goes 2008 and in comes 2009. =) I ushered in the new year with little fanfare. It wasn't a "riotous revelry" as some had suspected. I merely spent it with my favourite friends and well, we had a good time. 2008 was a year that reminded me that life is fragile, but truly beautiful.

Did anything major happen in advertising in 2008? I can only remember one and I haven't blogged about it. Who knows? I'm not keeping track. Someone once told me it's only advertising, no one died because an ad didn't run. That someone also seemed to have his work ripped off... but that's another story altogether.

2009 seems to be a year that's full of challenges ahead. Exciting isn't it? Keep your heads high and your wallets safe. If anyone can do it, we can! 2009 here we come!

and oh... HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! =D
posted by fuzk, 12:16 am


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